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Websurf Communication and Entertainment Consultancy offers comprehensive IT consulting services. We have a trained, knowledgeable and experienced team of consultants and developers to help with your Information and communication technology prospect. our services ranges from  point of sales, website designs, queue management system, self-service kiosk and mobile applications for all types of organization. Whatever your information technology problems maybe we handle both short-term and long-term consulting services.




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IT Supoort

Websurf Communication is a value added information and communication resellers, we make life easy for our clients in using latest gadgets by doing all the research, recommendation, setups and support while our clients just use. we support individuals, schools, sme, Private companies and Government offices, be it mobile phones, tablet, or pc, windows and mac.

Queue management system

Websurf Queue management system is particularly designed with different organizations in mind to bring about order, efficiency and comfort in work places where there is queue such as banks,railway stations, Health care centre, Government Offices, home affairs and immigration offices and traffic offices just to mention a few.

Queue management system can help reduce waiting time and accelerate services with increase in clients satisfaction. it also allow employees to work under good working conditions without being intimidated by the queue.

Queue management system allow managers to make decision based on real time view and daily report. it's simple and yet technologically advance with different types of design and can be customize to any specification.

Point of Sale

Websurf Communication is a leading hospitality technology solutions provider with its presence in many countries around the globe. Websurf Communication provides various hospitality products like eZee FrontDesk - Hotel Management Software, eZee Reservation - Web Based Hotel Reservation Software and eZee BurrP - A Restaurant POS System.

eZee BurrP! point-of-sale is suitable to work in restaurants, bars, night clubs, quick service restaurant, delivery and other operations.

Its simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability makes eZee BurrP! a great system for your POS needs. Whether your restaurant is a single store or a part of nationwide chain, we will help you achieve simplicity in restaurant management.

eZee BurrP! works on touch screen as well as on desktops. The main modules include table reservation, material management, web based reporting, kitchen display system, loyalty programs, promotions and gift vouchers, payroll, definition of standard recipe and lot more. Restaurant or Bar managers can easily manage menu items, inventory, indent, new orders, delivery and also reservation with eZee BurrP! point of sale software.

Website & Mobile app Design

Imagine your organization being exposed to over one trillion people; despite your kind of business you can't ignore more than one billion people. Even if you just conduct business within your community, you want people in that community to be aware of what you are selling in any way achievable.

Every smart business-person knows; it's not how many things you know, its how many people you know. What about sharing your business card to more than one trillion people under 24 hours inexpensively and simple , on the internet.

This is just a brief example of what having a website is all about?

Do you want to make money selling products on the internet? Do you have any solution to most of the world’s problem? Do you have an idea of how to make the world a better place?




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